Automobile Dealership, Dawson

Dawson GA Terrell Count y Abandoned Furniture Store Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanisihng South Georgia USA 2016

The faded signs on this building indicate that it sold furniture but D. A. Bolton writes that it was built as an early automobile dealership. He notes that the service area was on the second floor and cars were lifted by a large lift that’s still intact today. After the auto dealership closed, it was a John Deere dealership for a time. The furniture business here was short lived and apparently the last tenant.



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5 responses to “Automobile Dealership, Dawson

  1. D. A. Bolton

    This building started live as a auto dealership with the shop service area being located on the second floor. Cars were lifted up by a large lift that is still in tact today. It later became a John Deere dealership. The furniture store you mentioned was short lived. The owners of that bought furniture kits, and assembled them there on the ground floor and also had a retail store for them.

  2. tarobinsonsr

    Neat picture – but no history? I recall seeing a similar – maybe larger building in downtown Pelham. Is that one still in existence – do you know?

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