Pinkston Road, Terrell County

Pinkston Road Parrott GA Terrell County Red Dirt Winter Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2016

The further you go into Southwest Georgia, the redder the clay gets. This is a beautiful country drive right outside Parrott.


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6 responses to “Pinkston Road, Terrell County

  1. John Rabun

    The poem “The Red Old Hills of Georgia” was written by Henry Rootes Jackson (1820-1898) of Athens and Savannah. It is published in Readings in Georgia Literature by Wm T. Wynn (1937).

  2. Victor McGough

    On the highway between Byromville and Lily (Dooly County) there is a road of to the east. At the start of the road off the highway is a part which every one always referred to as the big red hill. The hill was not that big but the road was very red. Most of the red clay roads in Dooly County I loved to go down as a youth have been paved. I liked the way the roads ambled along and the red dust that was kick up as we went. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Carol

    Red clay plucks the heart strings of any Georgian. Wish I had some here in Nashville, TN–just for old time’s sake.
    Beautiful red dirt road. Oh wait! Somebody wrote a song about that, I think!

  4. msrhae42

    Oh, that red clay! I remember it well standing in the deep ditches to stay warm while waiting for the school bus. Our shoes would be caked with red mud when it rained. My grandmother had an old road leading to her farm near Norman Park and seeing this picture sure reminds me of it.

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