Ichawaynochaway Creek at Morgan

Ichawaynochaway Creek at Morgan Calhoun County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2016

Perhaps due to to its lyrical name, the Ichawaynochaway is one of the best known waterways of Southwest Georgia. (Locals often shorten the name to Nochaway). But it’s also one of the longest “creeks” in the state, cutting its way through nearly 84 miles of red Georgia clay. It rises near Weston, in Webster County and flows through Stewart, Randolph, Terrell, and Calhoun counties before joining the Flint River in Baker County. Perhaps dry runs in the summer months are the reason it isn’t called a river, but when viewed at high water in wet seasons it’s as much a river as any other in the region.

Ichawaynochaway Creek at Morgan GA Calhoun County Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2016

There’s debate as to the origin of the name, but it’s a Muskogee word. Some suggest it refers to either beaver or deer but the more popular theory asserts that it means “the place where  deer sleep”. The latter seems likely, considering it runs adjacent to some of the best hunting lands in Georgia.



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2 responses to “Ichawaynochaway Creek at Morgan

  1. Dale Reddick

    “Nochaway” isn’t all that long for ‘creeks’ in Georgia. Brier Creek (aka Briar Creek, Bryer Creek, Bryar Creek, Crique Briyard, and Brier River) is 123 miles in length. It has a larger watershed than many rivers across Georgia. Near its mouth it truly is a blackwater river. I do like to call it Brier River, and I’m not the first to do so.

  2. rwind305@mediacombb.net

    I’m not sure that it’s a creek due to being dry part of the year. The Alapaha River in SE GA disappears often (and has the most beautiful white sand where it ran). However, I think this one goes underground sometimes because south of where it disappears, it reappears. We tried to find where it disappered but found it was on private posted property. All this happens in Florida close to the GA line. Interesting tidbit. Rebecca Wind, Valdosta

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