Jordan Hardware, Leary

Leary GA Calhoun County Hardware Store Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2016

The Mission Revival style saw its greatest popularity between 1890-1915. Once relatively popular in South Georgia, few examples survive in good condition. I don’t know if this was always a hardware store; the Ace sign likely dates to the 1970s, indicating it was open until at least that time.

Leary GA Calhoun County Jordan Ace Hardware Sign Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2016

I believe this was razed in late 2016.


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2 responses to “Jordan Hardware, Leary

  1. Russ Hickman

    Thanks for posting this photo of Jordan Hardware in Leary. My father, Joseph Henry Hickman (1923-2012) lived in Leary as a young boy, probably from some time in the mid-1920’s until about 1935 or so. His father, Victor Ward Hickman, Sr., was the manager of the field operations of the Ponder Turpentine Co. in Leary, which was owned by his brother-in-law, Gordon H. Ponder (1878-1935) of Albany. Workers would collect sap from surrounding fields of pine trees and it would be refined into turpentine. In the early 1960’s my family was on the way home to Atlanta via Albany from a vacation on the FL panhandle when my Dad stopped in to visit with Marshall Jordan at this very store (and the name was pronounced “Jer-dan”, with the “er” rather than “or” sound). I recall it being like a big general store at the time. As I recall my Dad and Marshall were childhood friends and he had not seen him in a long time. My Dad also drove us by the house they had lived in but I don’t recall what it looked like or exactly where it was but it was right there in town. My Dad’s older brother, Alexander Walton Hickman (1915-2002), graduated from Leary High School in 1934. The family moved to Oakfield in Worth Co. some time in 1935 and later they moved to Albany, where my Dad graduated from Albany High School in 1940. I last drove through Leary with my wife in 2009, also returning from a trip to FL, and the town looked pretty much as it does in this photo. Sorry to hear the old store has been torn down.

  2. These buildings are owned by Marshall Jordan the same man that owns the old houses on the corner at the caution light you photographed. He was had a hardware, a clothing store and a grocery store there. He was still operating a hardware store there until 1992 or 93 then closed it. while I was still the police Chief there.

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