Cedar Creek School, Tattnall County

Tattnall County GA Cedar Creek Area Early 20th Century Schoolhouse Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2016

This is one of the best preserved country schoolhouses I’ve ever found. I tried to find it in the Educational Survey of Tattnall County, but that document is not properly formatted online. I’m calling it Cedar Creek School because that’s the neighborhood in which it’s located and I know that there was a rural school known by that name in Tattnall County. My guess is that it dates to the 1910s-1920s.



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3 responses to “Cedar Creek School, Tattnall County

  1. Carol

    Brian, do you have the Rosenwald database? Here’s the link:
    There are not photos for all of the listings. but most do and may be a help.

  2. John Rabun

    I do not recognize this school house. Could it be Hillview School in the northern part of Tattnall County? There was a Cedar Haw School near the present day State Prison in the western part of the county.

  3. vanne hanisch-godoy

    This is an old school house from days gone by. I am glad it is preserved, so that they younger people of today can see it.

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