Precinct House, Holt

Holt Precinct House Irwin County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2016

Besides a precinct house, this was also used as a barber shop. Katherine Griffin recalls: My Dad, Ed Grantham, used this building to barber for the area farmers on Saturdays until 9: or 10: pm. These old precinct houses are getting harder to find. I’ve photographed this one many times over the years. Tracie Lott Thacker shared my favorite memory of this place: My first ever vote was cast right here. I walked down the dirt road and my grandfather Cleon Lott and Aunt Karen Lott were working here that day.


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3 responses to “Precinct House, Holt

  1. Victor McGough

    What exactly is a precinct house? I think there use to be one in Lily (Dooly County). I was told I was the city hall.

  2. vanne hanisch-godoy

    I like old places like this, better than modern houses !!! There is a historic feel to the old places.

  3. vanne hanisch-godoy

    I like the old place.

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