Commissary, Glenwood

Glenwood GA Unidentified Vernacular Building Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2016

I’m told this was a commissary but I don’t have any further information. I was unable to photograph the other side, as it’s in someone’s yard. It’s an important survivor.



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3 responses to “Commissary, Glenwood

  1. Gary McDaniel

    My Aunt Vinnie Jo McDaniel McClesky (b. 1916, d. 2010) gave me a cancelled check dated 6/29/1929 for $15.00 paid to her daddy and my granddaddy J.W. McDaniel by a Mr. C. M Jordon, as a payment for leasing some land for turpentine-ing as the old Glenwood Commissary was being cleaned up sometimes between 2007-2009; the check was given to her and she graciously gave it to me.

  2. Amy Adams

    I am very good friends with the people that own this house and building. It was the commecary in Glenwood, Ga . It was not moved to this location. That’s where it has always been. There was a store and a blacksmith shop in this building and there also is a small room with a fireplace that was used for a living quarters. If you would like to look inside the building and get the rest of the history of this building and the house that is on the property email me at and I can give you contact information of the owner.

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