Mary McQueen House, Ludowici

ludowici ga mcqueen house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016

Mary McQueen was the daughter of Allen Johnston. A railroad station first designated as “Four and a Half” was established near Johnston’s plantation. The small community which grew up around it came to be known as Johnston Station, the forerunner of modern Ludowici. Mrs. McQueen was perhaps the greatest benefactor and patron of the arts in Ludowici’s early days, most notably donating the land in front of this house for the construction of the Ludowici Well Pavilion. Today, the pavilion is the emblem of Ludowici and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. More information about the history of the area can be found here.

This view was made after the South Georgia Snowstorm of 2018.


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2 responses to “Mary McQueen House, Ludowici

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  2. Geoffery Jacobs

    This home is GORGEOUS! And, I found the history interesting, as well, because there is a community in Mississippi very close to the City of McComb where I was born that bears the same name, “Johnston’s Station”!!
    It was also a stop on the railroad.

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