Dr. Nathaniel P. Jelks House, Circa 1870, Hawkinsville

historic hawkinsville ga dr nathaniel jelks house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016

Thought to have been designed by architect J. H. Russell for Dr. Nathaniel Pohill Jelks (1845-1911) and his wife Kathleen Lamkin Jelks, this house has always been one of my favorites in Hawkinsville, even before its restoration. I worried for many years that it would be lost, as it had become weather-worn and abandoned. The present restoration was done using a photograph provided the present owners by descendants of Dr. Jelks.

jelks house hawkinsville ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016

Here’s a photograph I made of the house before restoration. It was made in 2008.



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12 responses to “Dr. Nathaniel P. Jelks House, Circa 1870, Hawkinsville

  1. Georgia Jelks Fussell Murphy

    My grandmother, Georgia Jelks McGriff, was the youngest child of Dr. Jelks. When I was growing up, her sister, Ruth Jelks, lived here and my grandparents lived next door. My cousins and I spent many hours playing here. Aunt Ruth was one of seven children by Dr. Jelk’s first wife, Kathleen Lamkin. Grandma’s mother was Katie Pate Jelks. I believe that my great-grandfather’s mother was Mary Polhill Jelks. The house is on the corner of Jackson and Merritt Streets.

  2. Rebecca Tindall

    Hi Brian, my Mama was from Hawkinsville and I remember her always saying we were kin to the Polhills and her genealogy book says the Jelks also. She was a Pate, her Mama was a Taylor and her grandmama was a Brown. Some from marshallvile I THINK. I love ❤️ your photographs!

  3. Donna murphy

    Please tell me the street name this house is on.

  4. Nita Parry

    Any ability to post a before-and-after since this sounds like a huge restoration project?

    Thanks, ‘Nita Parry


  5. Tom Hill

    Not to be a smartass, but is it Dr. Jelks or Jenks. Is this Jelks related to the Dr. Jelks who used to practice in Tatnall County and delivered me 67 years ago?

    Keep up the good work!

  6. vanne hanisch-godoy

    Big house for its day !

  7. ben dooley

    Thanks Brian. Beautiful house. I am often pleasantly surprised how much sophisticated architecture beyond Greek Revival can be found in small southern towns if you just slow down and look around to see it!

  8. Andy Jack Brannen

    Brian that is a Southern Treasure,
    Thank you , Andy Jack

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