Lemuel Johnson House, 1885, Waycross

When photographed for the National Register of Historic Places in 1975, the exterior of this house was in a state of decline. Luckily, it has been restored and well-maintained in the years since.

Waycross Historic District, National Register of Historic Places



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4 responses to “Lemuel Johnson House, 1885, Waycross

  1. Frederick J. Hampton

    I just saw this house for the first time. I am Lemuel’s 2nd great grandson. we were in town to bury my great uncle at the Lott Cemetery. This house is stunning.

  2. Sharon Rice

    I’m so happy to hear (and see) that it has been restored.

    • Marie Fletcher

      Sharon, my mother lived in this house when she was a little girl- this would have been during the 1920’s. Her father bought it from Mr. Johnson- if I’m remembering correctly, he owned the local turpentine still/business, and my grandfather worked for him. I wanted to reply to you, because my grandfather’s middle name was “Rice”- William Rice Hunt 🙂

      • Frederick J. Hampton

        That’s very cool, thanks for posting. I am Mr.Johnson’s great great grandson. Lemuel dies in 1918, so i think the connection is even older…Do you have any old photos you could post from that time?

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