Summerall-Tillman House, Circa 1896, Waycross

This is one of the most photographed houses in Waycross.

Waycross Historic District, National Register of Historic Places



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8 responses to “Summerall-Tillman House, Circa 1896, Waycross

  1. Brian, Waycross is my hometown as well. Wonderful to see the old homes, businesses, and churches. Thank you, Holly Beasley Wait

  2. Jennifer Pinson-Harvey

    Brian, I have enjoyed so much seeing all the photographs from my hometown of Waycross. These homes were so beautiful, but so many tragically fell into disrepair. I am happy to see that many of them seem to be restored. Fun childhood memories with Miss Leila Summerall in this house!

  3. As many times as I’ve gone to Waycross and even lived there for 4 years, I have no idea where the historic district is and I’ve never seen any of these houses. I will be finding out next time I go that way!

  4. Nancy Komlos

    Brian, do you know who the Tillmans were?

  5. the name tillman did do some work on it but he is not the person that saved it Mrs Terri crews was the one whom saved it from havick when it was boarded up and she used her own wedding ring to buy the house as a down payment and begun restoring the house and later died to hiv and the aids she was a great person and we miss her dearly …xoxoxox see you in heaven

  6. Sharon Rice

    Beautiful! I always wish I could view the interior.

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