Belvin House, 1875, Blackshear

This is said to have served as the Pierce County courthouse from 1875-1902, having been condemned and moved by the Donaldson family to this location in 1903. It is best known today as the Belvin House, for owner Robert Belvin. Other owners over the years included Charlie Davis and Gene Baker. The Blackshear Times references Pierce County historian Dean Broome in validating the courthouse identify. The GeorgiaInfo page on Pierce County states that the courthouse was torn down in 1902, but I’m deferring to the local sources on this for now.

I’m a bit curious as to why a marker outside the house calls it the Belvin Home, with no reference to it being the old courthouse. If that is indeed what it was, the name should be changed to reflect it. The most likely scenario is that the old courthouse, which was said to be in bad condition in 1902, actually was razed and some of the lumber was salvaged to build this house. If so, the date of the house should be 1903, not 1875. I hope to get some feedback from Pierce County.


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6 responses to “Belvin House, 1875, Blackshear

  1. George Barnhill

    Definitely YES it was the Pierce County Courthouse many years ago.
    I have been inside this building back when the Davis’s lived there and the glass transom windows above the downstairs rooms still have the names of the elected offices that used to be therein painted on the glass. The downstairs layout is easily recognizable as a County Courthouse and offices, a central hallway and offices on he sides and large stairwell. The last time I went upstairs, about 25-30 years ago, they had built one [1] bedroom in the corner [ new 2×4 construction with insulation and sheet rock, but the remainder of the upstairs [ about 3/4ths of it ] was still a single huge room, set up as the old County Courtroom. I worked with Ms Davis and she took me on a tour to show me it was the old Courthouse.
    I have never heard the building was “moved”. Its location is right across the street from the old Pierce County Sheriff’s office and ‘Hanging jail, both of the
    same era, and one block from the Railroad and old Railroad station. Also one block from the same era Masonic Lodge and 1/2 a block from Main street. and diagonal to the large original city park
    My best guess it stands exactly where it was built; in the center of the original town of Blackshear.

  2. Jackie Bennett

    I honestly thought Mr James Donaldson lived there in the 60’s. He was a school teacher at Blackshear High School and later was over the Waycross College. I also believe he attended Universities in France and England.

  3. John Guss

    Some people don’t want the attention of living in or owning a historic structure, so they don’t place accurate information on the front, which is a shame for all to enjoy. Some people simply want their privacy.

  4. Ron Windsor

    Bobby Belvin lives in Mcintosh County, grew up in this house, he says it was a courthouse, and it belonged to his grandfather.

    Ron Windsor

  5. Sharon Rice

    Ooh… Mystery! Stately building. I can believe it was once a courthouse. Ben Hill County Courthouse has similar balcony.

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