Ruins of Bowen’s Mill, Ben Hill County

Having grown up swimming and exploring House Creek, I always wondered about the history of Bowen’s Mill. A few days ago, I got a message from Mike Hudson that a new bridge over House Creek was about to be constructed and he expressed concern that these ruins would likely be swept up in the debris of the construction project. Mike Carlok of the Georgia Department of Transportation’s Office of Environmental Services notes:  these ruins will not be swept up from GDOT construction. Our Office of Environmental Services (OES) has taken extraordinary steps to make sure that this history will not be erased by our projects. This site has been recommended Eligible for the National Register of Historic Places…and it deserves that recommendation…and I myself will be there to monitor construction…

A large grist mill was constructed here by R. V. Bowen, Sr., in 1836 and was in operation here into the 20th century. A water-powered sawmill was also part of the operation. This was one of the first industrial sites in this section of the state.

A wooden dam, which contained a 100-acre lake, failed at some point in the 1940s and swept away most of the mill.



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6 responses to “Ruins of Bowen’s Mill, Ben Hill County

  1. Betty J. Boyd

    These are lovely photographs. Thanks for saving these sites with the camera.


  2. Dale

    Is there a swimming pool and bldg there anymore or is all that gone? When I was young, there was a pool and bldg and picnic area . Even a covered area and I think a juke box and area to dance. Of course that was a long time ago.

    • cc

      swimming pool is gone, filled in, it would’ve cost way too much to repair. all buildings are gone except for one small building..

  3. Ernie Fordham

    I remember the old mill house very well. It was still standing in the ’50’s & ’60s. We used to go swimming in the Bowen’s Mill swimming pool just north of the mill house. There was also a dance pavilion with the necessary jukebox and we had a lot of junior and senior high parties there. My dad and I also fished in the mill stream below the mill house quite often and caught a lot of bream in that location. Had to watch out for snakes however… We moved away from Fitzgerald in 1959 and I don’t know when the pool and dance pavilion were closed. We had some great times at Bowen’s Mill.

    • Sue Bowen

      Hello, My name is Sue Bowen . I have reason to believe Bowen’s Mill was built by my great great Grandfather. Do you have any photos of the Mill standing or info of the constructor?

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