Toomer Medical Office & Boarding House, Fitzgerald

I believe the lower floor of this landmark was once the office of Fitzgerald’s first black physician, Dr. Edward Toomer. The structure has been historically known as a boarding house, primarily for black railroad men. Though other businesses have been located here, its connection to Dr. Toomer is certainly the most significant aspect of its history. Sadly, it was demolished in the spring of 2017.



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4 responses to “Toomer Medical Office & Boarding House, Fitzgerald

  1. Courtney L Kinder

    It was demolished in the spring of 2016. My dad Randolph Kinder was the photographer who took pictures of the demolition.

  2. Patricia Laster

    This structure was a boarding house, owned by my grandfather, Mr.Saint Clair Coffee Sr. , across the street was a pool room, restaurant, and upstairs slot machines. No one consulted any family members before tearing this structure down.

  3. The house looked in good repair. Why would they destroy it when it was architecturally attractive and had a tie to black history–particularly as a place for black railroad men to stay. That alone would seem an interesting story to pursue. Thanks for saving the photo.

  4. Ben dooley

    What is the matter with us as a people that such a structure would be simple demolished with barely a whimper?

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