Fire Station, Helena


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    Love and appreciate photos.

    On Wed, 5 Jul 2017 10:40:17 +0000, Vanishing South Georgia Photographs by Brian Brown wrote: > > > Brian Brown posted: “” > >

  2. Alabamaspitfire

    Dear Bryan,

    I have sent you previous emails about old Greek Revival House I am restoring in Clay County, Georgia. I am now in a battle to keep the city of Barnesville, GA from digging up a historical cemetery in Lamar County GA. What is most upsetting is that there is a mass grave of civil war soldiers buried there and they plan to dig them up also and move them. It is insane because there are about 140 graves plus the civil war mass grave. I have a facebook page that explains the mess. The city will vote again on July 13th but I am fighting them for my family and for those soldiers. This is the Wadsworth-Clayton Cemetery established by an Archibald Wadsworth. There are black families buried there also (slaves) and more.

    The city has destroyed the cemetery and the ancient trees that were there when I was small. I am on the front page of the Barnesville paper from last week also. It made me physically sick.

    Lastly, the historical group they hired to do radar sounding of the cemetery removed a 1 inch in diameter civil war era ball. They stated they removed it to their lab for historical purposes. Nope, THEY STOLE IT as there is no permit!

    Just a heads up!


    On Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 6:40 AM, Vanishing South Georgia Photographs by Brian Brown wrote:

    > Brian Brown posted: “” >

  3. vanne hanisch-godoy


  4. ben dooley


    • Terry Burtschin

      “Cute” and “Oops.” Is that the extent of the
      Georgian intellect? Thanks for your heartfelt,
      in depth concern. Terry Burtschin

    • Terry Burtschin

      “Hang down your head, Ben Dooley, hang down your head and cry…” Tom Dooley

      • ben dooley

        Well Terry, I hope other readers, especially those who happen to be architects, understand and appreciate the tongue in cheek humor in my comment as well as both the humor and the horror in this ”remuddling”.

      • I understood it as such, Ben. No worries. I always appreciate your comments and your perspective as an architect has been invaluable.

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