Abandoned Tenant Farmhouse, Tattnall County



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3 responses to “Abandoned Tenant Farmhouse, Tattnall County

  1. Kathy Blankinship

    Thanks, Brian, for your wonderful photos that bring back such memories of farm life in the 50’s and 60’s for me. I grew up in the lower Toombs County area, in the Marvin / Providence Community. Sadly, there are hundreds of these abandoned farmhouses/tenant houses in my former home area and many more lost to the ravages of time. Many families have moved away and can’t financially maintain or repair these old homesteads. My sister and I frequently lament how we would love to restore our home but it could cost a hundred thousand to restore the property. Sad, yes, but the funds for the project for us, like many others, are illusive. Like the era of the horse and buggy, these are bygone times.
    I enjoy your photos and the comments tremendously.

  2. jonnie douglas

    i so enjoy your info and pictures; sad sometimes though

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