L. D. Wright Grocery, Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald historian Paul Dunn relayed this history to my father via telephone: This was L. D. Wright’s grocery store. Railroad employees charged their purchases and later “picked up” their tickets and paid their balances in the store. L. D. Wright ran two “store trucks” and traveled the area trading groceries for chickens, eggs, etc. The trucks were loaded with chicken crates to facilitate this practice.

A decal on the door revealed during a recent cleanup of the property suggests that Wright was associated with the RIO brand. RIO, an acronym for Retail Independently Owned, was a grocery syndicate once associated with hundreds of small grocers all over Georgia.




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4 responses to “L. D. Wright Grocery, Fitzgerald

  1. Norma Driebe

    In Clay County, “store trucks” mentioned here were called “rolling stores”, I believe.

  2. Chip

    All us younguns that went to first ward school went there for snacks and candy

  3. Louie Harper

    Buddy Wright’s store, 1 block west of First Ward School. Had a covered porch on the front.

  4. Ernie Fordham

    Where in Fitzgerald is this old store located? Also, is Paul Dunn related to the late Pat Dunn and his brother, Shep??

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