“Twin Houses” of Norman Park

Thanks to Meredith Kelley Zidek, I finally know the identity of the house pictured above. She writes: It’s my understanding that one house was Vernon Franklin Norman’s (25 October 1869-30 December 1920), and the other was Marion Davis Norman’s (28 June 1862-30 January 1928). Their sister was Sarah Ann Norman, my great grandmother. (Meredith notes that this is how she understands it). If it was built after M. D. Norman’s house, it probably dates to around 1908-10 or thereabouts. The Normans were members of the founding family of Norman Park and the Norman Institute. The house was obscured for many years by pines. After clearing them and vastly improving the landscape, the present owners have given new life to what many readers and contacts have called the “Twin Houses of Norman Park” or “The Norman Park Twins”. The  M. D. Norman House (below), across US319, has been one of my most popular photographs but since I got new photographs, I thought I’d share.




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7 responses to ““Twin Houses” of Norman Park

  1. Sarah Marich

    Every time we come through Norman Park on our way North or South on 319, we always circle the block in our motor home to admire the house under renovation on the east side, but never noticed its ‘twin’ on the west side until today.
    We both love the antebellum style and to find two of them was a real treat. I bet those were the places to go after the civil war for parties and such.
    Are they ever open for tours?

  2. Jim Howard

    Growing up in z Norman Park theseics brought back a lot of memories. I left for the Navy in 1950 returned for a year in 1955. House on left towards Moultrie was owned/occupied by Mr & Mrs W T Baker? The other was occupied/owned by parents of Gene Norman, my Grammer school classmate. Later occupied by Weaver family.

  3. Sharon Rice

    Stately mansions. I treasure this type of architecture. A tunnel between homes would be an interesting added feature.

  4. vanne hanisch-godo

    I can feel the spirits who haunt the place now.

  5. vanne hanisch-godo

    This looks like an old plantation house back in the day.

  6. Stan Arline

    From the time I was litttle we were told there was a secret tunnell between these houses, don’t think it’s true,but who knows.

  7. Jerry Hancock

    Hey Brian,
    I grew up in Moultrie, but now live in Atlanta. Those “twin houses” in Norman Park have since become my personal gateway to home! I’ve admired your work for a couple of years now and it always takes me back! Thanks for what you do!

    Jerry Hancock

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