Midway Baptist Church, Circa 1921, Pulaski County

Midway Baptist can trace its origins to one of the oldest congregations in Pulaski County. Originally part of the Old Adam Meeting House in the long-vanished Lampkin community, Midway was formed around 1838 as the result of a split among church members. Upon finally moving into their first permanent church home in 1857, which was located about halfway between Old Limestone Church on Chicken Road and the old Daniels Church on Lower River Road, they named it Midway. By the 1890s the old Midway congregation had outgrown the meeting house and built a new church, which they called New Midway, in 1894. It was destroyed by a tornado in 1915 and construction on the present church began. Work was delayed by World War I and completed three years later, circa 1921.



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2 responses to “Midway Baptist Church, Circa 1921, Pulaski County

  1. Robert Mullis

    Love Midway. Love Midway Baptist Church.
    My question is does anyone remember ‘indian village’ and if so can anyone tell me how it got that designation?

  2. vanne hanisch-godo

    what a beautiful structure~!

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