Union Passenger Station, 1900s, Hawkinsville

Though various sources are in conflict as to the specifics, this depot is thought to have been built by the Southern Railway between 1900-1910. It has been in use by an agribusiness company for many years.


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4 responses to “Union Passenger Station, 1900s, Hawkinsville

  1. The website RailGa has information about many of the railroads and stations in Georgia. The page for the Hawkinsville Station is https://railga.com/Depots/hawknvl.html

  2. Tommy Condrey

    It is on N Lumpkin St in Hawkinsville. Hartford only had a loading dock and it was built in the 70’s

    • Donna Murphy

      Was this the original Depot in Hawkinsville? Perhaps it is the difference with the color of paint. I remember it being solid grey. I don’t remember it being this big and I remember a loading dock. So many years have passed tho.

  3. Donna Murphy

    Was this depot in Hartford, which is across the river from Hawkinsville but still in Pulaski Co? My father was the agent at the depot in Hawkinsville beginning in 1957 and This does not look like the one where he worked.

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