Double-Pen Tenant House, Wayne County

Thanks to Richard Herrin for bringing this tenant house near Madray Springs to my attention.

Though highly endangered, it’s a great survivor of the tenant farming era.

The rear features a shed room which runs the width of the house, typical of such structures.


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4 responses to “Double-Pen Tenant House, Wayne County

  1. vanne hanisch-godo

    I think its about one hundred years old. i like the little shack

  2. Sharon Rice

    A double-pen house is one room deep, 2 rooms wide with a central chimney dividing the rooms? Also known as saddlebag houses? I’m not familiar with the term.

    • Saddlebags are almost always double-pen (yes, two rooms) but not all double-pens are saddlebags. This would be a case of one that isn’t a saddlebag. And yes, the central chimney is what makes it a saddlebag.

  3. Rosalind

    If these walls could talk, I’d love to hear their tale!

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