Union United Methodist Church, 1884, Bulloch County

In 1790, a Methodist society that became Union church was organized in the home of Joshua Hodges, Sr. Hodges was a Revolutionary War veteran who had recently moved his family, including four sons, to the area. Members of the Methodist society set aside a tract of land west of the Hodges house, known on early land records as “Meeting House Reserve” and a log meeting house was constructed by 1792. The trustees were Joshua Hodges, Sr., Joseph Jackson, Jarvis Jackson, Catherine Hodges, Griffin Mizell, and Samuel Williams.

In 1834, the second church was built to replace the log structure. It was built of planks and sat on log pillars. It was replaced by the present structure in 1884, incorporating materials from its predecessor in the altar rails and some of the pews. The altar rail was crafted by Robert W. Stringer.


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7 responses to “Union United Methodist Church, 1884, Bulloch County

  1. This absolutely fabulous. I am doing my family history and I just found out where my great grandparents are buried and it is at this church.
    Woohoo awesome to have a picture and the history of the church. Keep doing what you doing!!!!!!!

    • just saw your post from 2017 about your grandparents. my name is steve brown. my wife and I have served at Union UMC Bulloch Co Ga for nearly 24 years. we have a lot of history and love sharing it. we are are also kinda old and really set in our ways. love to view sit with you to ahare and learn about your grands! might ought to hurry the
      conversation cause we are 70 and the youth group. if ya’ll happen to be close please come join us one Sunday at 11:00. we sing old songs, we are traditional Methodist and we love guest.
      message me back and i’ll send you some oictures of the interior.
      steve brown
      Union United Methodist. Bulloch

  2. Kathy McElveen (Selma Kathleen Hodges McElveen)

    Joshua Hodges, Sr. was my 3rd great grandfather. (5 generations back from me). Joshua Hodges, Sr. > Joshua Hodges, Jr. >Moses Hodges > Perry Morgan Hodges > Charlie Morgan Hodges > me.

    • Alice Holloway

      Joshua Hodges Sr. is also my 3rd great grandfather. Joshua Hodges> George W. Asbury Hodges >.Alice Hodges>Rosa Underwood>James Fountain>me. I finally found the Church last June. The article that was included was great information.

  3. vanne hanisch-godo

    Looks lijke a courthouse now!!

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