McDonald-Williams House, 1911, Douglas

This is a very unusual combination of styles and one of the most interesting houses in Douglas. Mission Revival and Craftsman styles aren’t usually found in any combination, especially such a tasteful one. The home was built for J. N. (Jap) and Ruby McLean McDonald and the lived here until 1925. W. J. and Lila Hooks Williams purchased it in 1926. Two generations of the Williams family remained here for the next 69 years. It was painstakingly restored by Dr. & Mrs. David Arnett in 1996. Thanks to Jim Cottingham for the identification.

Photo Courtesy The Rogers Studio Collection/Coffee County Historical Society (Circa 1911)

Many thanks, as well, to Tom Johnson, for sharing this wonderful image of the house, soon after it was completed. Tom has shared several historic images from Coffee County over the past few years.

Gaskin Avenue Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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4 responses to “McDonald-Williams House, 1911, Douglas

  1. Dale E. Reddick

    For some, perhaps eclectic, reason – this reminds me of South African settler (Afrikaner) building styles. I’m not certain why, but it is there.

  2. Bill Davis

    So that’s Aubrey Williams’ house on Gaskin, right?

  3. Mark Helfer

    Nice house, and nice work in Douglas.

  4. KM

    Would love to know the story behind this design.

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