Camp Mt. Bethel, 1940s, Turner County

This was once the site of Camp Mt. Bethel, a campground of the Georgia State Association of Free Will Baptists. The property is located on an unusual natural landmark, distinguished by Ashburn Formation sandstone outcrops, that was a favorite recreation spot for early settlers of the area near the West Fork of Deep Creek.

I understand that the campground operated from circa 1948 until at least the late 1980s and holds many good memories for those who spent time here.



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3 responses to “Camp Mt. Bethel, 1940s, Turner County

  1. wendell

    who owns this property now.?

  2. joelyne mcgriff

    Have great memories for camp days there in the early 60s.

  3. Victor McGough

    There are the Campgrounds in Dooly County on the road between Vienna and Lily. it was not a youth camp but a place for week long revivals and Sunday picnics. I can’t remember if you’ve ever been there. Thanks for all the pics.

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