Folk Victorian Farmhouse, Doerun

Thanks to Gail Blackman Eubanks for making me aware of this house.


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7 responses to “Folk Victorian Farmhouse, Doerun

  1. Charlene James

    This is not the original location of the house, it was moved to Doerun some 15+ years ago. Someone started renovation, but stopped. Such a shame it would be beautiful fixed up!

  2. Elizabeth

    A question ? Is this what is known as a “dog trot” house ? It kind of looks it.
    My gndfather built a large log house in S AL on the dog trot plan. It burned in around 1935.

  3. I have been doing Genealogy research since 1999 and cannot find anything on my mother’s grand-parents. They lived in Worth County GA. Tempie Hall 1855 -1939 and 3 of her Children are buried in The Newlight Congregational Church. The cemetery is grown over and the Church is no longer in use and is in disrepair. I cannot find any information on it or who to contact to find out if any more of my family is buried there My great grandfather was Thomas A. Williams 1854 – 1920. Tempie’s parents were Joseph P. Hall abt 1813 -abt 1880 m. Rebecca (LNU) abt 1814 -bet.1870 – 1880.Thomas Williams parents were John B. Williams 1815 -1870 m. Mary Johnson 1824 -1886. I cannot find anything on where they were buried but they were all living in Worth County according to the census right before they died.

    • Elizabeth

      Good luck. It must be unmarked gravesites. Are you or have you been physically in the area ? You just have to keep talking to people in the area for clues.

      • I live in Tennessee. I’ve had a stroke and had to quit driving. I had a cousin that lived in Colquitt County that was going to check it out but he died before he could. I still have a cousin that lives in GA. but she can’t find anything either. She doesn’t live close so she doesn’t get there often.

  4. Sharon Rice

    The window boards and tarp on roof show someone cares about this house.

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