Gainer-Sutlive-Tatum House, Circa 1820, Fort Gaines

This was built on the site of the Globe Tavern, an early Fort Gaines stagecoach inn.

Fort Gaines Historic District, National Register of Historic Places




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4 responses to “Gainer-Sutlive-Tatum House, Circa 1820, Fort Gaines

  1. Fred Gleaton

    Does anyone know the name of the “Gainer” whose name is on the house.

    • I’m not having any luck finding out anything about the house. A date of 1820 on the front porch may refer to the date the Globe Tavern (which burned about 1873) was built. It’s very confusing. I hope to find out more soon, Fred.


    House served as the first telephone office for Fort Gaines.

    • Do you know if the date of 1820 on the house is the date of the house or of the Globe, which burned down? That sign is a bit confusing. And I can’t locate the walking tour brochure of Fort Gaines that was once online.

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