Furlow Grammar School, 1914, Americus

The Furlow Female College originally stood on this site and after being closed was used as the first public school in Americus, beginning in 1880. It was replaced by this structure, known as the Furlow Grammar School, in 1914.

Americus Historic District, National Register of Historic Places



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4 responses to “Furlow Grammar School, 1914, Americus

  1. tarobinsonsr

    Some great, old, and neat finds in Americus..and lots of interesting, local history to accompany. Unfortunately, Fitzgerald’s own old high school and hospital landmarks are no longer around.

  2. Beth F Usry

    Furlow College was also used as a Confederate Hospital during the war Between the States, Braggs Hospital
    I’ve been trying to get someone to put a brown Ga history marker there. I have a write up I sent to Atlanta but the person I was corresponding with said she could not help me. This was a female college, the first public school in Americus and the building standing there as seen many of us going to school there. I’m 83 and went there first and second grade and 4 of my children went to school there. There should be a history marker there.

  3. Sharon Rice

    Americus sounds like a community that cares about their history and
    preservation of their historic buildings.

  4. Sue McGowan Lewis

    I went to school at Furlow from first grade through grade 6 back in the 40’s and it was wonderful. I still keep track of classmates there and shared this, along with all the great photos of the lovely Victorian homes in Americus you posted. I lived in one of them on Rees Park, which I believe was built by same architect or family as the historic Windsor Hotel in downtown Americus. Thanks for these great photos!
    Sue McGowan Lewis

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