Sumter County Hospital, 1913, Americus

A group of local women established the Americus & Sumter County Hospital Association in 1908 and after raising funds and community interest in a modern medical facility, they dedicated the Sumter County Hospital in 1913.

Initially a 27-bed facility, it doubled in size after the addition of an annex in 1932. It was in use until a new hospital opened north of town in 1952.

This Prairie style landmark has been abandoned for over 60 years and is presently on the market.

Americus Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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8 responses to “Sumter County Hospital, 1913, Americus

  1. Pattie Georgia Peach

    I had some dental work done here when I was a kid, through a program at Furlow Grammar School. I think I remember walking but I’m not sure about that.

  2. C English

    I remember getting shots here in the 70’s when it was the Health Dept.


    What else has this building housed, and when was it completely abandoned?

  4. Jimmy Poole

    This building on Dodson Street was where I entered the world back in the 40’s. Dr. Herschel Smith delivered and many years later I had my tonsils out at that facility as well. Lots of memories there. It escaped somehow a lot of damage when the tornado hit as all the surrounding houses suffered damages.

  5. George Richard Ellis

    This is the old Hospital located on Dodson Street. It was purchased by some investors years ago but has asbestos which will be expensive to remove.

  6. Steve Sapp

    I was born at Sumter Regional Hospital in Americus. Sumter Regional was destroyed by a tornado about a decade ago. I was unaware that the older hospital was still standing. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Sharon Rice

    This hospital shows what women can accomplish when united for a worthy cause. my hope is that an appreciative buyer is found, or finds it.

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