Uriah B. Harrold House, 1893, Americus

This imposing Queen Anne has served as the Hancock Funeral Home for many years.

Americus Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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8 responses to “Uriah B. Harrold House, 1893, Americus

  1. Pattie Georgia-Peach Norton

    I must have walked a million miles on the brick wall around this house! I wish you had gotten some pictures of the inside, it’s beautiful.

  2. Sue McGowan Lewis

    Curious to know if this is where my dad had Rees Park Chapel, funeral home back in late 40’s to mid 50’s era. It was across from the park and the old middle school I went to, and next door to Billy and Lucille Smith. We lived above the first floor. Oddly, I have photos of it, but no way there was that round turret with 3rd story on the house back then. Maybe it’s a different house, but looks the same for for addition on left side and the turret. Comments welcomed! Great posts with all photos from Georgia. Thank you!!!

  3. Allene Ball

    My Grandmother and Grandfather Frank P Harrold lived in Americus..Son of Uriah B Harrold..7 bedrooms, 7 kids..

  4. Sharon Rice

    Beautiful! Type of architecture I admire.

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