Main Street, DeSoto

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  1. Fm2176

    Glad to see some more recent photos of DeSoto. My memories of the town–if that’s what you can still call it–are recent. My spouse bought a “flipper” property there about five years ago, as I lived in the eastern part of the state at the time. Later, I moved across the state before relocating out of state last year. I never spent the time or effort I should have renovating the house, but it was at least sold.

    Regardless, I always enjoyed driving across Georgia along those railway lines and thinking of what they once meant to towns such as DeSoto. Whether driving through Jesup, McRae, Rhine, Pitts, Cordell, and so many others from the east; or the hills of the east through Buena Vista and Americus, it was always a relaxing means of escaping the hustle and bustle of the interstates I now deal with daily.

    From the perpetually opening and closing restaurant (there’ve been at least 2 to come and go in my brief time there), to the overgrown train depot and crumbling main street, to the fire station, new metal building club and tire shop, DeSoto seems to be a town that once was yet refuses to give up.

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