Jesse Bibb Key House, Circa 1842, Cuthbert

Originally known as Bedford Hall, for the Virginia home county of Jesse Bibb Key, this well-maintained Greek Revival is also known for its gazebo-greenhouse, both built by Key’s slaves. Key came to Cuthbert between 1835-1838 and was a successful merchant for over three decades.

Cuthbert Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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9 responses to “Jesse Bibb Key House, Circa 1842, Cuthbert

  1. Jenny Mathews

    Tim Sawyer, did your family own a lovely dress shop on the square called Sawyer’s? I have fond memories during the 60’s of shopping there when visiting my Grandmother Mathews.

  2. Tim Sawyer

    I’ve been doing research on my family. I’m new to this so may be way off or may be right on or maybe I’m close. If I’m following the ancestry information correctly, Jesse Bibb Key would have been my great, great, grandfather. His son, John Key Sawyer would have been my great grandfather. My grandfather was Ben Sawyer. My father was Ben Sawyer Jr.

  3. Kathryn Hochman


  4. Marla brock

    Brian, how much do they know about the Key family history?

  5. MacKenzie Barr

    There is a lot of history in this house. This is my families home. My parents know a lot of the history and have books about the house as well. You should stop by and talk to them next time you’re in Cuthbert.

  6. ben dooley

    Thanks Brian. This comes as close to perfection as you could ever hope to get!

  7. Sharon Rice


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