Pulaski-Barnes House, 1883, Cuthbert

Frank Pulaski was a Jewish merchant who came South to escape the racism of the Know-Nothing party. He commissioned William H. Parkins, Georgia’s most important architect of the post-Civil War period, to build this elaborate Gothic Revival cottage. Parkins was also the designer of the Randolph County Courthouse and Old Main at Andrew College.

Cuthbert Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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10 responses to “Pulaski-Barnes House, 1883, Cuthbert

  1. Roy Young

    Be happy that they bother to paint the home, unlike some who watch it rot around them. I understand the concerns of “proper” paint colors, however sometimes you take what you can get….a home that is maintained

  2. Paula Grad

    Are these paint colors historically accurate? I thought only San Francisco painted houses like this. Just curious, I like the colors.

  3. Pattie Georgia-Peach Norton

    Love the bright colors!

    • Timothy D Mcdaniel

      Thank You. I’m slowly getting it painted. It is a painted Lady 5 colors. Many do not get it. Gothic Revival built in 1883. Many historic houses have been torn down. We have no historic regulations. We have no leadership or anyone running the city. It’s a city that has been held back and the people beat down in Jesus name. Currently a very hopeless situation.

  4. Sharon Rice

    Impressive! I like the dormer roof shape.

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