Harris-Bullock House, 1846 & 1928, Cuthbert

Built as a wood frame house for John West Harris, this grand home was remodeled to its present appearance by H. Lewis Hill in 1928. The rooms feature Adam mantels and decorative molded ceilings. The original carriage steps remain in front of the house.

I am most grateful to Karan Pittman for her assistance in identifying this and the remaining houses in Cuthbert. It means a lot to me when people share their time and resources. While I have access to lots of information, I occasionally run into snags, and Cuthbert has been quite confusing, to say the least. The National Register form for the Cuthbert Historic District is missing its map and online resources are nearly non-existent. This is a real shame, as Cuthbert is one of the most architecturally interesting cities in Georgia. The local government would do well to promote this through a self-guided walking tour.

Cuthbert Historic District, National Register of Historic Places



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3 responses to “Harris-Bullock House, 1846 & 1928, Cuthbert

  1. Sharon Rice

    Thank you Karen Pittman for your assistance to Brian in this wonderful undertaking. Cuthbert has some lovely homes and the history makes them even more interesting.
    You are right, Brian. The city should promote these treasures.

  2. Deb

    Neat that they kept the carriage steps!

  3. Raleighwood Dawg

    Love this home, Brian! Would be even better to see some interior shots of it. Please keep up your great work.

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