Greek Revival House, Georgetown



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2 responses to “Greek Revival House, Georgetown

  1. James Bledsoe

    This was never a Bledsoe home. The Guerry home, now the McKenzie home, was built about the year 1848. First being constructed in Alabama for Samuel Harrison and then being torn down and moved to Georgetown where it was rebuilt by James Harrison for his daughter and her husband, T. L. Guerry.

    I’m not sure when the home was acquired by the McKenzie family, but Mr. Robert McKenzie raised a family and lived there until just a few years ago until age 104. At last account, the house and surrounding property was acquired by his only son, Daniel Burch McKenzie who has undertaken renovation of the house.

  2. Alabamaspitfire

    This may also be a Bledsoe house. The people at the Quitman County Courthouse are great and will help you. They also sell a book about the history of the county. My 1845 Greek Revival is on the Clay/Quitman line on hwy 39. It is white with dark green shutters. Feel free to photograph it while in the area. It is the Old Castleberry Place

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