Knight’s Tourist Home, Jesup

I’m not sure when this was built, perhaps the late 1930s or early 1940s, but I believe it was built solely for use as a boarding house/tourist home. It is presently being deconstructed. Jesup once had many such “tourist homes” but by the 1960s most were replaced by modern motels. The Broadhurst Studio postcard (pictured below) likely dates to circa 1945-1950. The card notes the availability of a locked garages and boasts that it is a block away from the noise of highway traffic.

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One response to “Knight’s Tourist Home, Jesup

  1. Carl S Saxton

    Based on the postcard, I would say this was built long before the 30’s or 40’s, and it was renovated in the 30’s or 40s, including new siding. Look closely at the siding on the house in the postcard versus the current picture.

    Either way – very disappointing to see it torn down. We have millions of acres of vacant lots and land available – only one Knight’s Tourist Home. It would have been beautiful to remove the newer siding and return it to its original appearance.

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