Historic Storefronts, Meigs

I first photographed the commercial center of Meigs in 2009 and am amazed at how little has changed on Depot Street since then.

The community landmarks of our smallest towns are all at risk of being lost. Meigs is no different than countless other places in Georgia.

These structures were home to banks, grocery stores, general stores and offices. Most were built in the early 20th century.

One of the last businesses still open was Meigs Grocery, located in the left hand side of the large commercial block seen below.

This replaces a less detailed post, Depot Street Storefronts, originally published on 26 October 2009.



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3 responses to “Historic Storefronts, Meigs

  1. Gary

    Even the police department has now closed.


    Sad, but as you’ve stated the world has changed and gone to the Walmart, Dollar General and Family Dollar mode.  As in many small Georgia town, the business center was the heartbeat of the community.  I got to witness it in Millen.  Jerry

  3. Sharon

    Meigs has had a really hard time surviving. Too much low income. Too much crime. It is so far off the beating path that it really didnt have a chance to survive. It is a shame!

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