Pyramidal Roof House, Lilly

I’ve always liked this house and was amazed it was still someone’s home until very recently. It appears to have taken on some storm damage since the last time I was through Lilly.


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5 responses to “Pyramidal Roof House, Lilly

  1. tew6036

    Thanks for all the OLDER pictures Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

  2. Inez Adams

    Love your pictures. The roof on these houses are actually called “hip” roofs and on barns they are called “gambrel roofs.” Thanks for sharing all your pictures. This type roof can withstand high winds better than other type roofs.

    • Thanks, Inez. I generally lump the pyramidal and the hip-roof houses together, as some architectural historians do. I know that the pyramidal “technically” comes to a point, but I guess this one was so close that I made a judgement call.

      • Inez Adams

        You are doing a great job with you pictures of our vanishing South. Hope you are cataloging them somewhere. Please keep the pictures posted, really enjoy them so much. I love the old homes with the “preacher’s room” on the front. You do not see many of these still standing anymore.

      • Thank you, Inez. I’m cataloging them here, on the website, and have stored them in several places, as well. I appreciate the encouraging words.

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