Fraternal Lodge, Tallahassee

The community of Tallahassee is an historic African-American settlement about 5 miles north of Hazlehurst. It likely gets its name from the nearby highway, which was once the Savannah-Tallahassee Road and one of only two roads passing through the county in the early 1870s. This structure, located adjacent to the Tallahassee Missionary Baptist Church, is likely a fraternal lodge.



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2 responses to “Fraternal Lodge, Tallahassee

  1. Jesse M. Bookhardt

    Brian, glad to see the pictures of the Tallahassee community structures. While working with Frazier Oil Company back in the early 1960s, I sometimes delivered fuel to tobacco farmers in that area. I recall seeing a very old wooden school building with many classrooms. I wonder what happened to that facility. Regarding how the community got its name, I have heard that the community perhaps got it name from an old Indian village site in that area. The name “Tallahassee” means old village in Native American languages. Another theory is that the community could have gotten its name from the fact that the Georgia land south of the Altamaha and Ocmulgee Rivers was often called the Tallassee Country in the late seventeen hundreds and early eighteen hundreds. I have seen maps with that name being given to these lands. Plus, we know that in Colonial days an Indian trading post was located somewhere at the Forks of the Ocmulgee and Oconee Rivers. From finding Indian pottery at Town Bluff, I can attest to the fact that the area was occupied by Native Americans. At the time when the natives stilled occupied the territory south of the Altamaha and Ocmulgee, if you crossed from the north banks to the south banks, you would have been in the Tallassee Country. I am not promoting these possibilities as fact but only to expand the possibilities of how the Tallahassee Community might have gotten its name. I would love to find documentation for the name’s original beginning.

  2. I grew up about a mile from this place and knew many people whose families were founding members of the church. For some reason I always thought it was the “social hall” for the old church. I will ask around and see if I can get anymore information on this particular structure. Thank you for photographing this place!

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