Meadows & Porter Peach Farm, Bleckley County

The extensive Meadows & Porter Farm [Joe Walker Meadows and Marion Porter] is one of the most intact historic peach farms in Georgia. It is anchored by the Meadows’s Queen Anne farmhouse (above). Most of the dependencies are still standing and in good condition. For its connection to one of Georgia’s most iconic crops, the farm should be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The commissary is located between the main house and the peach packing shed and is in exceptional condition.

Two tenant houses survive, reflecting different eras in the development of the farm.

This board-and-batten example is likely the earlier of the two.

This is a label from my collection, of Meadows & Porter’s “Rooster Brand” peaches.

The peach packing shed is an amazing example of the form, and peaches are still raised on the farm.

I hope these important structures survive well into the future.


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4 responses to “Meadows & Porter Peach Farm, Bleckley County

  1. Diane Moore

    Like Mary McCammon Mcain, my first job was there at the packing house grading peaches. And Mr Ben Dykes was also my supervisor. Loved growing up in Cochran and working there in the summer as a teenager.

  2. Amy Hall

    My first job was there in the early 1990’s. Mr. Jake Kerr taught me how to pack peaches, and he let me help sell them to the public sometimes. Mrs. Katie Kerr paid us in cash in individual envelopes each week. Those are good memories!

  3. Kristi Shamburger

    Beautiful people and amazing peaches. Blessed to have shared much joy on these premises and with the loving people there!!!

  4. Mary McCammon McCain

    This was my first job, working at the Meadows Porter peach packing house. I graded peaches going out to local vendors for selling on street corners. Mr Ben Dykes was supervisor over this area. We had so much fun and loved meeting all the locals! So many fond memories!

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