Browning Wesleyan Methodist Church, Laurens County

I’m very interested in learning more about this church, near Rentz, as I have Browning relatives from this area.

As was common tradition at one time, the church is named for a Browning family who gave the land, but that is about all I know.

The Wesleyan Methodists were a splinter from the Methodist Episcopal Church of the era.

I believe the church was built between 1910-1930.

The building has been compromised by termites and weather and is therefore very endangered.

Thanks to Stephanie Miller for making me aware of this beautiful old church.

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One response to “Browning Wesleyan Methodist Church, Laurens County

  1. Lewis Gean Nipper

    Hi! Just wanted to mention about the Wesleyan Methodists Churches in Georgia. My friend’s mother traveled with her father all around Georgia establishing Wesleyan Methodists Churches when she was a young girl. They were from Columbia, South Carolina. Her family was/is a Godly family and most of them are/were minsters.

    Gean Nipper

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