DeBerry Baptist Church, Coffee County

Two people reached out to me to say that the old DeBerry Baptist Church was being torn down. The original chapel is around 100 years old.

There is a larger more modern facility on the property and I presumed the demolition would allow for further expansion. However, Rafe Semmes writes that the reason the church is being torn down is that foundation has suffered extensive rot and the cost of repair was deemed too expensive to be practical.


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7 responses to “DeBerry Baptist Church, Coffee County

  1. Connie Clemons

    DeBerry Church building has been razed and hopefully the new building will be completed in near future.

  2. Rafe Semmes

    Hello, Brian,

    Second follow-up on this post. My middle brother got married in this church in 1979 to a local girl he met in college. They now live in Cookeville, TN, where Paul now serves as Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences after many years there as a professor of chemistry & physics. I sent this post on to his wife, who grew up in this church.

    Peggy reached out to some in the congregation and was told that the reason this was going to be torn down was not that the existing church property was too small to accommodate a newer, larger sanctuary, and to keep the original building, as I had at first thought. Rather, it had been recently discovered that the foundation had suffered extensive rot, and the cost to repair was simply too much. What a shame.

    The historic Midway Church, near where I live, suffered a similar condition, several yeas ago, However, because it already rested on floor joists a foot or so above ground, they were able to replace the rotten wood without too much trouble.

    So that’s the story behind your story. I would be happy to send you my sister-in-law’s email address if you are interested.

    Rafe Semmes Midway GA

  3. Sharon

    This is still neat and attractive. It seems a shame to demolish it…

    • Elrea Sayer Soles

      Some of us think so but then we can’t stop progress. Most of my family are buried there. My parents were charter members. I don’t think the new facility will be brick. It will probably be metal.

  4. Rafe Semmes

    Hello, Brian, I have been in this church, several times.  My middle brother’s wife family had a farm nearby.  Both of her parents had their funerals here, and are buried in the church cemetery. Sorry to hear it’s coming down.  Brick may be more durable, but it isn’t always better.

    Rafe SemmesSavannah/Midway GA

  5. Granny Clemons,

    Thank you for posting. Mr. DeBerry was land owner and local hard working farmers with help from community supplied labor, material and with love constructed DeBerry Church century ago. Many that were chartered members are buried in DeBerry’s sacred cemetery.

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