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Williamson Mausoleum, 1912, Eastman

Williamson Mausoleum Marble Gazebo Orphans Cemetery Eastman GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

Besides its fascinating history, Orphans Cemetery is a real gem of landscape architecture and cemetery design. It’s one of the most beautifully maintained in the state, and the rare cedars and other trees make it feel more like an arboretum than a burial ground. Interred in the mausoleum are Albert Genavie Williamson (1 August 1854-4 December 1925) and Martha “Mattie” Jane Buchan Williamson (10 April 1858-11 May 1938). Jay Gould Williamson, the nephew and adopted son of the Williamsons depicted as a young boy in the memorial, was born on 17 August 1893 and died on 23 September 1982. He spent his last 35 years on St. Simons Island and is buried at historic Christ Church Frederica.

Williamson Mausoleum Gazebo Orphans Cemetery Eastman GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

From the marker placed by the Georgia Historical Society, Orphans Cemetery Association & Dodge County Historical Society in 1999: Albert G. Williamson, a Dodge County entrepreneur, donated land for a burial place in Orphans community following the death of a neighbor´s child, George P.A. Barnes, in 1887. The community was named in honor of the six orphaned Williamson brothers who moved here in 1873-74 from North Carolina. The earliest burials were children of the Thomas, Weldy, and Lashley families. Other common names in the original acre are Hardy, Manley, Steele, Stuckey, and Williamson. The statuary above their mausoleum depicts A.G. and Martha Buchan Williamson and their nephew, Jay Gould.

Williamson Mausoleum at Orphans Cemetery Eastman GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

The mausoleum was erected by the Cordele Consolidated Marble Works on 17 August 1912. The statuary was cut from a photograph made in 1903. The details and life size depiction of the Williamsons is a stunning work of public art. Mr. Williamson’s Magnolia, as this giant tree is known, was planted in 1887. Today it provides a spot for refuge and reflection, with two swings hanging from its branches.

Orphans Cemetery Eastman GA Mr Williamsons Magnolia Swings Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

Mr. Williamson’s obituary provides more background as to his life and activities in Dodge County: Hon. A. G. Williamson, for fifty years one of Dodge County’s prominent citizens, died at his home in the city Friday night about nine o’clock, following an illness of more than a year, during which time he was practically an invalid. Mr. Williamson’s body was embalmed by J. W. Peacock Co., undertakers, and according to instructions previously given by him, was deposited in a vault at Orphans Cemetery at sundown Sunday afternoon. This vault, above which rested life-size statues of Mr. Williamson, Mrs. Williamson and J. Gould Williamson, a nephew and adopted son,, was erected by Mr. Williamson about fifteen years ago, and full directions were given by him as to the disposal of his body at death. The body, lying on the left side, reposed on a cedar cot, which had also been provided by Mr. Williamson, and in this position was deposited in the vault. The funeral service, which was conducted by Rev. Frank Adams, of the Christian church, consisted only of scripture reading, prayer and two songs. The scripture was from the 14th chapter of St. John, the second to fourth verses, inclusive. The songs ” I Shall Know Him, ” and “Asleep jn Jesus, ” were rendered by a double quartet composed of O. V. Lashley, Henry Manley, Robert Bennett, Mrs. Jeter A. Harrell, S. H. Goolsby, H. E. Dickens, John Parkerson, Mrs. C. F. Coleman. The active pallbearers were the following: W. Fitzgerald, W. H. Smith, C. F. Coleman, C. H. Peacock, R.G. P. McKinnon, C. C. Burch. An honorary escort was composed of C. D. Phillips, W. J. Deffinall, C. B. Murrell, J. H. Rogers, W. W. Puett, J. C. Wall. The floral offerings were banked about the mausoleum in abundant profusion and were magnificently beautiful. A throng of about one thousand people was in attendance.
Mr. Williamson was born in Columbus County., N. C., and was 71 years old August 1st. He came to Dodge County 52 years ago and secured employment as woods-rider for Coleman & Sessoms, a naval stores firm. Soon afterwards he was married to Miss Mattie Buchan, daughter of Dr. James Buchan, by whom he is survived. Being a man of keen and accurate judgement, he early realized the value of lands in this section of Georgia, and through this judgement and his untiring energy, he acquired as the years went by, 8,000 acres of Dodge County land, also large holdings in Eastman city property and government bonds. His estate is valued at between $400,000 and a half million dollars. Several months ago he deeded a large part of this property to relatives, his wife and adopted son being the principal beneficiaries.
Mr. Williamson united with the Christian church when quite a young man, and as long as his health would permit, took a very active interest in its affairs. He built the Christian church at Orphans and was an important factor in the erection of the Christian church in Eastman. To both of these institutions he was a strong pillar and liberal contributor.
Mr. Williamson was Ordinary of Dodge County two terms, beginning about 1895. His administration of this office was marked by splendid efficiency and admirable economy, he rendered to the people the same fine business management that characterized his personal affairs.
Mr. Williamson’s life and character constitute a remarkable demonstration of what a man may accomplish through the exercise of economy, energy and industry, coupled with the practice of hat rigid honesty and justice that marked all of his transactions.

Source: Tad Evans, Dodge County Newspaper Clippings Volume IV1920-1928.

National Register of Historic Places



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Chauncey School, 1914, Dodge County

Chauncey School Dodge County GA Landmark Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

In their 2015 Places in Peril notation, the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation writes: Chauncey was the first city in Georgia to issue bonds to construct and equip a modern school building. As a result, the Chauncey School was built in 1914 on a budget of $10,000. The building featured six classrooms, a state of the art science laboratory, and a regal auditorium. Boasting a Neoclassical Revival façade, the interior of the building contains numerous details common to early twentieth century architecture, such as pressed tin ceilings, elaborate moldings and glass doorknobs. 

I met a nice gentleman who told me he had a farm just down the road and had lived his whole life in the area. He was glad I was photographing the old schoolhouse and shared many fond memories of his days there in the 1950s.

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Suomi Road, Dodge County

Suomi Road Dodge County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

Were it not for the name Suomi Road, there would be no hint that such a strange-named (for rural South Georgia) place ever existed. The origins of the name are lost to history, but John Goff (Placenames of Georgia, UGA Press, Athens, 2007) proposed that it was likely settled in the 1870s or 1880s when the lumber industry and the Dodge Land Wars were in full swing. It’s located very close to Normandale, a historical community that was the epicenter of the Dodge Lumber operations. Goff guesses that another mill may have been located here and that a railroad siding or station was probably given the name Suomi (in honor of the Finnish word for Finland) by Finnish lumbermen who may have been working in the area. They were most certainly transient workers as Goff posited no evidence of Finnish surnames in the area. The area has a Chauncey address today.

Jerry Jarrard writes: Suomi was a rail stop in Dodge Co. Ga. I remember when Grandpa took down the Suomi sign and put it in the barn. He owned what had been a hotel for the Finnish lumbermen. It sat behind the rail stop. It has since burned. In those days there was a country store beside the Suomi sight. it may have been named Weeks store. A weeks family lived two houses to the right of the old hotel The platform for the rail stop was a concrete pad, which is probably still there.


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Triple-Gable Farmhouse, Suomi

Suomi GA Dodge County Triple Gable House Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

I imagine this was a “high Victorian” in an earlier incarnation but it’s nearly gone to the elements now.

Suomi GA Dodge County Abandoned Triple Gable House Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015


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Tenant Farmhouse, Suomi

Suomi GA Dodge County Tar Paper Tenant House Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

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Jay Bird Springs, Dodge County

Jay Bird Springs Motel Gum Swamp Dodge County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

Jay Bird Springs has been a well-known recreation area since about 1907, when Georgia’s first public swimming pool was built utilizing the waters of a natural spring emanating in the adjacent Gum Swamp (Little Ocmulgee River). The water is thought to have healing qualities and has had thousands of devotees over the past century. It was so famous that it was delivered to homes and businesses throughout the region in the earliest years of the operation. The motel and welcome center seen above and the miniature golf course below are all I was able to photograph, as the facility is now a spiritually-based rehabilitation center and the residents were conducting Sunday services near the pool area. Even though the gentleman I spoke to said I could take a few quick shots, I declined out of respect. I do hope to get back at some time and get a few more shots.

Jay Bird Springs Miniature Golf Course Squirrel Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015


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Sand Grove Baptist Church, Dodge County

Sand Grove Baptist Church Dodge County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

This congregation was established in 1898; I’m unsure if the church building dates to that time. There is a large cemetery on site.

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