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Old Post Office, Graham

R. Bayne Stone writes: This was originally the Graham post office. It is hard to see, but there are still bars on the windows. After a time Graham could not support a full-time staffed Post office and it was moved to my Great-Uncle Milledge Stone’s grocery store and staffed part time by his daughter. This building (the abandoned post office) was crudely converted to a residence. You can barely see the eve of the bathroom added and a front entrance on the front facing the railroad. Across the railroad there stands what once was a huge beautiful home and across from it was a bank and a movie theater.


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Graham United Methodist Church, 1886, Appling County


The South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church notes: In 1881, Adeline Hall and Graham Davis gave the land for the church and the cemetery.  Lemuel Johnson donated the material for the building and also the services of his architect, William Armitage, and his master builders.  Armitage, who was English, designed the church using the rural English churches as models.  The master builders included C. W. Clarke from Sweden, J. W. Gill from England and John Welch from Scotland.  The Graham Methodist Church was organized around 1885 and the first building was constructed in 1885-86.  The cemetery is across the road.



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Rentz House, Graham

rentz house graham ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2009


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