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Iron City Convenience Store


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Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Depot, Iron City


Iron City’s old ACL Depot was moved to its present location on US Highway 84 at least forty years ago by Robert Emory Trawick; it has served as a feed warehouse and as The Peach Depot.


Chip Jones writes: Mr Trawick is a real trip and I wanted to do a story on him, but haven’t. The last time I saw him was 2009. After he had purchased the depot and moved it to old U.S. 84, the DoT came through with plans for the Wiregrass Parkway. The state financed moving the depot building again, away from the right-of-way for the parkway. Mr. Trawick joked that he actually made a good profit for all his efforts to move the historical depot building without the profits from his vegetable stand. His peach trees are recognized as being the southernmost peach orchid in the east. He also grows tomatoes and several varieties of cantaloupes. The last I knew, Mr. Trawick had taken the stand over and was managing it again after a couple of years of subletting.  Chip noted that this information was a couple of years old


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