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Brantley House, Circa 1880, Brewton

Brewton, originally spelled Bruton, was established around 1888 and was the busiest settlement in eastern Laurens County well into the early 20th century. I’ve yet to locate any history of this house, which has been abandoned for many years. It’s likely among the oldest structures remaining in the settlement. Brenda C. Lumley notes that the house is known locally as the Brantley House.

William Brantley writes: I am the grandson of the builder/owner of this house in Brewton, Georgia. It was completed around 1880. The owner was Freeman Hill Brantley.


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Single-Pen Tenant House, Laurens County

I photographed this structure from a distance so I’m unsure as to all the architectural details, but my initial identification is that it was a tenant house, perhaps dating to the late 19th century. It appears to be well-preserved.

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Warehouse, Circa 1910, Lovett

This was an old warehouse. I don’t know if it was a separate business or related to the adjacent general store.

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Grocery/General Store, Lovett

This appears to be the newest of the three commercial structures in Lovett but I have no idea as to its age. It was likely the last store open in the community.

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General Store, Circa 1907, Lovett

This is one of three commercial buildings still standing along the highway at Lovett. This may be the oldest of the three and was a general store.


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Round Barn, Laurens County

Round Barn, Laurens County, Georgia, 1974 © David Frey

I was so excited to receive this image from David Frey of an historic round barn in Laurens County; he was gracious enough to let me share it. He made the photograph in 1974, noting that it was a landmark to travelers between Dublin and Wrightsville in those days; the barn is still standing but no longer accessible to the public. As a result, I’m unable to share an exact location. This example is of the octagonal variety and though I have no idea as to a date, my best estimate would be 1900-1910.

A brief review of available references on the subject suggests this may be one of only two surviving round barns in Georgia; the other is the 14-sided Williamson Dairy barn in Jackson County. Another 14-sided example, the Dorough Round Barn at Hickory Level in Carroll County is listed on the National Register of Historic Places but is apparently in ruins or no longer extant.







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J. H. Beacham House, Circa 1910, Dublin

According to Scott Thompson’s Pieces of Our Past this served as the National College of Business from 1961-64. It was also home to the Nancy Taylor Charm School.

Stubbs Park-Stonewall Street Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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