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Horne’s Store, Circa 1934, Plainfield


Elouise Rogers Purvis writes: This is my Uncle Ben Horne’s Store located near Plainfield on Hwy 117 North about 6 miles from Eastman. It is located about half way between Eastman and Cadwell. My grandfather Rev. Benjamin Franklin Horne, Sr. owned this store for many years until he was not able to take care of it. My Uncle Ben bought it from him and tore down the old store and built the one in this picture around 1932 to 1934. His family operated it until about 20 years ago. They closed it. Before my grandfather bought the store I have always been told that a Mr. Rawlins owned the store. (I’m sure they probably sold gas, as well. Most all of these crossroads grocery stores did).

plainfield ga horne road dublin highway intersection photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010


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