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Chevrolet Pickup, Telfair County

I took a different road and after heading down what turned out to be a dead end, I passed by this. I grew up around trucks like this and I like running across them, even when they look like this. This one looks to be from the early 1960s.


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Mt. Dollaway A. M. E. Church, Telfair County

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Abandoned Service Station, Lumber City


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Tobacco Barn, Telfair County


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Helena’s Hotel Willard Will Soon Be Demolished

I recently updated my original post about the Hotel Willard, noting that it appeared work was being done on the property. When I shared this on social media, it was confirmed that it’s being prepared for demolition. I’m not using this space to criticize the decision but rather to share some last photographs of this landmark.

It amazes me that communities can’t see the value in such properties, but owners are often reluctant to pour money into them and as a result they deteriorate over time to the point that repair is not feasible. We say we love our heritage but we have a really bad track record of saving it.

I understand that many of the architectural features of the hotel are being salvaged. I hope this cast iron door frame is among them.

Unfortunately, the most important features, such as the brickwork around the entrance and the fanlights will be lost forever.

UPDATE: On 29 December 2017, we got the best possible news about the future of the hotel. Michelle Lowery writes that the owners have now decided to renovate it.





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Historic Storefronts, Helena

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Southern Railway Depot, McRae

This may have been built in the 1890s but I can’t find an exact date. It’s been used for storage in recent years, I believe, but appears to be in deteriorating condition. It would be a great restoration project for McRae.


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