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One-Room Schoolhouse, Twiggs County


Through conversations with people in Twiggs County, I’ve determined that this was an old country schoolhouse.


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Mount Zion Baptist Church, Twiggs County


I understand that this church has been razed. (I will update if this information in incorrect). A newer facility across the road serves the congregation now.


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Richland Baptist Church, 1845, Twiggs County


The Georgia Historical Commission marker reads: Richland Baptist Church was constituted October 5, 1811, with 4 male and 8 female members. The first pastor was Rev. Micajah Fulghum. In June 1861 the ladies of this church made and presented a Confederate flag to the Twiggs Guard. Mrs. Isolene Minter Wimberley made the presentation to Sgt. Warren, color bearer of Co. I, 6th Georgia Regiment. During the war the ladies gathered in the church to prepare first aid kits. Doors of the church closed for regular services in 1911. The Richland Restoration League, Inc., was formed in 1928 to preserve this “Landmark of Christianity”.


Historic Richland Church is truly a landmark, both in terms of Christianity in Georgia and as an architectural gem, built between 1843-45. It’s one of only a few churches in the Piedmont containing a slave gallery that I know of. Except for the slave gallery, it’s very similar in style to Mount Zion Presbyterian Church in Hancock County. Apparently, its builder also constructed some of Twiggs County’s historic plantation houses, a few of which are still standing today.


Luckily, the Richland Restoration League which oversees the site today, is very active and keeps a watchful eye over the place. Vandalism in recent years has lead to more diligence, including regular law enforcement patrols, but that is unfortunately a problem for many such historic places. I’ve never been able to understand why anyone would disturb a place of worship. I’d like to thank Billy Humphries, a trustee of the church, for allowing me to publish these images. He has a real passion for its history and has been very helpful. The church is not open to the public though it is still used by descendants for homecoming and other services. For more information, please visit Historic Richland Church.


National Register of Historic Places



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Richland Baptist Church Cemetery, Twiggs County


Richland’s beautiful cemetery is the final resting place for many Georgia pioneers, people who settled the state’s interior when it was still a wilderness. It is truly a landmark in and of itself.


Part of the cemetery is located in the churchyard with another section across the highway.


This urn-style headstone is a memorial to Amanda Beckcom, wife of S. L. Richardson.


Mary Radford, Wife of B. Radford (1785? – 22 May 1861)


James Ware (26 February 1785 – 6 June 1856)


Mary Ware (14 April 1789 – 17 September 1855)


James Monroe Ware (22 August 1815 – 1 January 1862)


Sarah Elizabeth Glover (25 May 1827 – 19 February 1846) Daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth


John Hodges McCallam (4 April 1839 – 9 March 1848) Son of Archibald & Sarah

If you visit here please be respectful. There has been damage done here by vandals in the past. Places like this represent not only the sacred memories of the families who have spent near two centuries maintaining them but also an important link to the early history of Georgia.

National Register of Historic Places


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Dame’s Hardware, Danville


Jane Davidson Kirksey states that this was once Edgar Maxwell’s general store, but apparently, it’s better remembered as Grady Dame’s hardware store.


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Warehouse, Danville


I think this may have been an old warehouse or general store.

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Grocery Store, Danville


This old grocery store was most recently known as Stevens Antiques & Guns.

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