John Rountree House, 1832, Twin City


John Rountree was born in 1809 in present-day Emanuel County. His father, Joshua Rountree, had migrated to the area from Greene County, via Tar River, North Carolina, probably at the turn of the 18th century. John built this house around the time he married Nancy Brown Kent in 1832. He died in 1858. The house is quite significant in a number of areas. It was built by a member of one of the pioneer families of Emanuel County and as a a surviving example of the rural architecture of that period, it’s unequaled in the area.


Early log saddlebag houses are very rare and the Rountree House is made even more significant by the use of diamond notching on the logs, one of fewer than ten known to exist in Georgia. As is the norm with this style, a large brick chimney is centrally located between the two original rooms


Also, instead of chinking, the logs are sealed with battens on the interior. A later shed room was added across the back of the house no later than 1845-50 by John Rountree.


The house remained in family hands until 1995, when Lynne Santy Tanner and her brothers, Chris and Ross Santy, transferred the house and surrounding ten acres to the City of Twin City. It has been recognized by the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation as a 2017 Place in Peril. Its regional architectural significance can’t be overstated.


National Register of Historic Places


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Twin City, Georgia


This was the commercial center of what was once known as Summit. It merged in 1920 with the adjacent town of Graymont to become Twin City.

Twin City Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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Historic Storefront, Twin City


Twin City Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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Tin Storefront, Twin City


Twin City Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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O. A. Hall Store, Twin City


The O. A. Hall Store opened in 1929 and was operated by Mrs. Hall for many years. In fact, it’s better known as the Mrs. O. A. Hall Store. It’s the oldest in Emanuel County. Though no longer a general store, the business is still in operation as a pecan buying point and agricultural supply. I spoke with the son-in-law of the present owner who’s a grandson of O. A. Hall, and he related that the business is still profitable though it’s changed with the times. He said the biggest item in the store today is pine straw twine.


Twin City Historic District, National Register of Historic Places



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Millen & Southern Railway Depot, 1890s, Twin City


The Rogers & Summit Railway was established in 1889 to bring rail service into eastern Emanuel County. Its replacement, the Millen & Southern Railway, was completed by 1892; the depot likely dates to around that time. In 1897, the railroad’s name was changed to the Millen & Southwestern. The Georgia & Florida Railroad purchased the line, along with several others, in 1906 and in the process of linking these to form an Augusta-to-Madison-Florida route, built new tracks and bypassed Summit. Summit and Graymont merged to become Twin City in 1920. Decreasing rail traffic lead to the closure of the line in 1950. For more, see Steve Storey’s

Twin City Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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Allen Jones House, 1885, Candler County


This appears to have originally been built as an unusually small Plantation Plain-style farmhouse with the wings likely added as the family grew. The orientation of the house has also been changed, as well, with the entryways now located on what would have originally been the sides.


Across the highway on the farm is this unusual barn, which I initially thought was a smokehouse. But as Edwin King pointed out, smokehouses didn’t have chimneys. I’m not sure if it was originally a smokehouse, with the chimney added later, or if it had some other function. I just can’t place it.


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