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Historic Storefronts, Chester

Several historic commercial structures survive in downtown Chester.

They once served as banks, grocery stores, and other general retail purposes.

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Filling Station, Chester

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Central Hallway House, Chester

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Chester High School, 1929, Dodge County

Donny Screws writes: This is the original Chester High School, built in 1927. Rebuilt in 1929 after a tornado outbreak damaged the foundation. Many people graduated from Chester High, and when Dodge County built a consolidated High School, it became Chester Elementary School in the late 50s. I went to school there and taught there my first year, as did my wife. I have posted extensively on Chester Elementary and there is also a Chester Elementary School Page on Facebook. There are a thousand great stories to tell from that great School. Looking at that picture, every room has a fascinating history. I have tons of photos also. Good photo here. Holler if anyone wants more information.


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Vernacular House, Chester

chester ga vernacular tar paper house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

As of 2019, this structure is no longer extant.


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